Lending Products

FPM has everything you'd expect from a mortgage broker, plus a whole lot more and best of all.... our services are free.

Mortgage Finance for First Time Buyers
Buying a home for the first time is an exciting, yet sometimes daunting prospect. Whatever your expectations we will work with you to ensure you are aware of the best possible finance options for your circumstances.

Mortgage Finance for Existing Home Owners
Even the most seasoned property purchasers cannot hope to be absolutely up to date with the ever-changing finance market. But our professional brokers are. They are up to speed on every option, every day.

Refinancing Existing Mortgages
If your existing fixed term interest rate is about to roll over or you wish to change banks, let us assess your current position and make alternative suggestions. - Based on factors such as improved cash-flow, decreased overall cost, consumer debt reduction, changed income circumstances. Remember, it costs nothing to ask at FPM.

Arranging Mortgage Finance for Self Employed People And Business Owners
If you are self employed, then you require special knowledge from your mortgage broker. In general it's not as easy to obtain funding for the self employed as often the business already has borrowings or perhaps irregular income streams. That said, we may surprise you with how easy obtaining finance can be.

No Deposit Mortgage Finance
Saving for a deposit can be hard work! HP repayments, credit cards can be too tempting at times. However if you have a strong combined family income, then no deposit funding could make a new home purchase possible.
Talk to your FPM broker - Your first home could become a reality years earlier than you ever thought possible.

Arranging Finance to Purchase a Rental Property
If you have your own home and have been considering buying a rental property, there are numerous opportunities for the rental investor to maximise returns and minimise personal interest costs. There are lending products that have been specifically designed with the property investor in mind. Talk to your FPM broker for all the right advice to get you started.

Arranging Mortgage Finance for the Purchase of a Section and for the Building of a New Home
Your FPM broker can advise you regarding the different lending policy that apply where you are purchasing a section on which you intend to build. Progress payments are frequently required and we can guide you through the process, which often differs from purchasing an existing home. Due to the different criteria there are some potential pit falls to avoid.

We can also advise which lender best suits your individual circumstances and also the various types of building contracts that are most commonly utilized by building companies.

Arranging Mortgage Finance for Purchasers who may have Credit Blemishes
We have access to specialist lenders who specialize in lending to people whom the banks choose not to lend to. Credit blemishes are no longer a barrier to people purchasing and owning their own home and escaping the rent trap. This enables propective purchasers to enter the property market much earlier than may otherwise be the case, very desirable with property prices only increasing.

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